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Commitment Hours

What are commitment hours and how do I complete them?  

Commitment hours help defray school operating costs and provide year-round opportunities for involvement and fellowship among parents. An invested community of parents helps extend our school's sense of unity and cohesion.  As part of your contract with Saint Michael School, you are required to fulfill 20 hours of service to the school/school activities.  Please maintain a log of your hours spent on school service.  Opportunities to fulfill commitment hours can be found in the weekly newsletter or by looking at the list of events itemized below.  Periodically, we will ask you to submit your hours/summary of volunteer work to the school for tracking purposes.  

Items that count as commitment hours:

  • Chaperoning class field trips
  • Homeroom parent/back-up homeroom parent
  • Classroom assistance as requested by Teachers
  • Administrative/Clerical support (envelope stuffing, etc.)
  • Book Fair Assistance
  • Coaching/Assistant coaching
  • Labor time for school repair projects such as: painting, electrical carpentry, heating, etc...
  • Baking for school wide events such as Open House, Catholic Schools week (1 hour max. for each event and items must be baked not store bought to count toward hours.  
  • Time spent on committees
  • Playground/cafeteria coverage
  • After school activity coordinator/volunteer

Have an idea? We love ideas. If you'd like to take-on a project not listed, give us a call!

Items that do not count as commitment hours:

  • Baking for a classroom party or a child's birthday
  • Attending school events (*Unless you are working the event - must be approved prior to working.)
  • Donation of food and clothing
  • Donation of equipment and other materials or services are not considered as hours, unless an agreement has been made with the principal

2018 - 2019 School Event Calendar - coming soon!