Super Raffle

It's time for SUPER RAFFLE 2017!

Super Raffle 2017 Winners!

6th Prize - $150.00: Wendy Stearns of Springfield, VT

5th Prize - $250.00: Sharon Sparkowich (SMS Parent!) of Hinsdale, NH

4th Prize - $500.00: Inga Paluch (SMS Parent!) of West Chesterfield, NH

3rd Prize - $1000.00: Hildi Nolan of Jamaica, VT

2nd Prize - $2,000.00: Mike Davis of Keene, NH

1st Prize - $7,000.00: Pam Sweeney (SMS Grandparent!) of Brattleboro, VT

$150.00 prize for selling the winning ticket: Christine Gooley
$500.00 tuition voucher for family selling the most tickets (58 TICKETS!): Karlie Borst

Thank you for supporting SMS and for a fabulous 2017 Super Raffle!
2017 Super Raffle Dates/Information