Preschool Program

Ms. Jessica, Preschool Program Director -  My name is Jessica Fyffe and I have been teaching young children for over 10 years.  I have a masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education from the University of Vermont. I live in Dummerston with my husband and our dog Bailey.
Welcome to 4 STAR rated Saint Michael School Preschool! Our Preschool Program is the foundation from which we foster and build a lifetime love of learning. Our Program is both social and academic. We truly believe the needs of each child must be considered in order to maintain and support a cohesive classroom. We have create a program firmly rooted in play-learning. While we believe most children thrive in an environment of routine, we carve out time each day for free play to encourage and stimulate your child's imagination and spirit.

Preschool is more than rote ABCs and numbers. It should be the spark that lights a child's desire to explore and learn all about their expansive world.

Our Preschool program offers developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for children ages three through five in a safe, nurturing environment.  Through a variety of thematic units gleaned from student's interests they are challenged by new experiences, excited to attend school, and have an ownership of their individual learning.  

Play Centers change with every month according to the theme in our curriculum planning process.  They serve to motivate and activate our students' content learning through cooperative play.  We follow the Vermont Early Learning Standards and the Early Learning Guidelines for the Diocese of Burlington, which includes Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional Development, Language, Literacy, and Communication, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Creative Expression, and Physical Development and Health.

As a partner in the Catholic Community we introduce children to the Church.  They learn to pray, to respect themselves, one another, and God's House, and learn that there are special days that we celebrate as part of the Catholic Religion.