Introduction to World Languages and Cultures (17/18 Academic Year)

SMS is exploring the option of moving our language program from a traditional Spanish and French to a trimester-based Introduction to World Languages/Cultures. Each trimester, students would participate in a geography/language/food/culture immersion course with a focus on a different language/culture. This would provide students with a more well-rounded world view and, also tie in the very important, "invested world citizen" portion of our mission statement.

We've concluded that students would have more richness of experience exploring cultures and languages from around the world instead of focusing on one language. 

Students in middle and high school would continue to have the option of focused language instruction as part of the online St. Therese Academy.


Spanish is offered to all St. Michael students from Pre-K through 5th grade and to those who choose to continue French in grades 6 - 8. Basic vocabulary is introduced and then reinforced through such activities as greetings practice, word hunts, total physical response activities, memory games, translation of Dr. Seuss books, and, perhaps most importantly, through the use of music. Among other themes, students learn greetings and pleasantries, colors, numbers, days of the week and months of the year, parts of the body, animals, household and classroom objects, and how to tell time.  Future classes will incorporate present tense verbs so that students will be able to use their vocabulary in complete sentences and practice having conversations with each other.  Moreover, this program cultivates a broader understanding of those parts of the world where Spanish is the primary language and helps Saint Michael students respect and appreciate other cultures.


French is offered to St. Michael students in 6th - 8th grade who choose that as their language elective. In all classes the emphasis is on conversational French, introducing basic vocabulary and giving the children a chance to practice listening and speaking in an interactive, supportive environment.

Students who choose French in 6th through 8th grades meet twice a week. In addition to listening and speaking, they will learn to read and write what they are hearing and speaking. Students will practice using a variety of present-tense verbs so they can incorporate vocabulary in complete sentences and practice having conversations with each other. 

In addition to language, classes will incorporate geography, history, and culture to give students a broader understanding of those parts of the world where French is spoken, and greater respect and appreciation of other cultures. 

LATIN (9th - 12th Grade)
Mr. Milano

Four years of Latin will be required of all enrolled Saint Michael High School students. Latin course of studies are administered using Loyola Press Latin by Henle.