Classroom Rules

Second/Third Grade Classroom Rules

  1. Have respect for God, teachers, other people, and yourself.
  2. Always try your hardest and do your best.
  3. Always be in control of your body, keep one another safe, and always be aware of everyone’s personal space.
  4. Be patient, kind, and caring.
  5. Be calm and quiet while working.
  6. Listen to the teacher and follow the instructions.
  7. Take care of your belongings, our classroom, and our school.

Saint Michael’s School Rules

  1. Love God and neighbor as you love yourself.
  2. Be aware of the safety of others and self when acting.
  3. Respect the rights and dignity of others.
  4. Be on time and prepared for school each day.
  5. Leave gum, candy, and toys at home.