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Faculty & Staff

Saint Michael School Faculty and Staff


Fr. Justin Baker                                            Pastor/School Administrator

Elaine Beam                                                Principal

Steven Duchaney                                         Academic Dean*

Bethany Thies                                              Development & Admissions

Kim Morrell                                                 Administrative Assistant


Jessica Fyffe                                                  Pre-School Lead Teacher

Cathy Kaufmann                                            Pre-School Aide

Naureen (Rene) Cusick                                  Kindgergarten

Elizabeth Martin                                            Grades 1/2

Logan Robinson                                            Grades 1/2/3 Team Teacher

Mary Beth Kinoshita*                                   Elementary Aide

Jill Rose-Fish                                                Grade 3

Melissa Wright                                              Grades 4/5

Joshua Patriquin                                            Middle Level Math/Sciences/High School Chemistry

Dayna Nobile                                                Middle Level Language Arts/Social Studies/Technology

Steven Duchaney
                                          High School

Michael Ferreira                                            High School

Joseph Milano                                               High School

James Doell                                                   Physical Education*

Coming Soon (Trimester 2)                         Introduction to World Languages/Cultures

Bob Thies                                                     Fine Arts (Music/Drama/Art) *

Marge Guthrie                                               Title I Services *                         


Support Staff

Janna Andrus                                                  Religious Education/Lunch Service *

Julie Emery                                                    Preschool/Extended Care Support*

Robert Archdeacon                                         Extended Care Support*

Kevin O'Donnell                                            Custodial Support*

Harry Borst                                                    Maintenance* 

* indicates part-time